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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hey Family!
So here is an interesting thing about the transfer I am in right now. For all missionaries it is only five weeks instead of six. This will make it so that the changes that happened in the MTC with their lengths work out. So this is going to be a short transfer. And that means I will come home one week earlier. Yay! Things are good though. There is plenty of work to do here. I feel like we are busy most of the time and that is a good feeling.
I don't know if I have told you much about the details of my days. To exercise in the morning I either run to the church and shoot hoops with one hand, stretch when I am feeling lazy, or I do some sit-ups. No push-ups right now. That would be a bad idea. For breakfast I usually eat cereal. I am eating some Tootie Fruties right now, but I have been enjoying Captain Crunch and Frosted Flakes. For studying, I read the Book of Mormon. I just read straight through and I as I read I look specifically for the parts where I see the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That has been awesome for me. I love it. I also read from Preach My Gospel. I haven't stayed in one place too long, but I read a part on where I think I can improve. Then in companion study we talk about what we studied and then we read and study in Preach My Gospel. That has been good. I love reading the chapter about My Purpose. Then I go and do missionary work for the rest of the day. We visit less-actives, actives, and non-members all day. There is not a lot of service that we do down here like I did up in Mountain View, but I hope to find more service. The main service we do is with the Food Bank. Doing service there reminds me of my job back at Nutra. It has the same warehouse feel and the types of jobs feel like the same thing. And it is sort of long and it has breaks just like Nutra did. It makes me laugh to be there. Then I usually eat lunch in the apartment. Mac and Cheese, cup of noodle, or leftovers is what I usually eat. It is really exciting. But I did by some raw meat. I felt like  you mom of I had the meat in my fridge and I remembered that it had to either be eaten or frozen by a certain day, and that day was today. It was about ten o'clock at night when I remembered this, so I was making patties and putting them in bags. It just reminded me of you mom. Thanks! Then for dinner it is usually with a member, and we have been taken care of pretty well. That is nice. Some of my favorite dinners have been where we go to a spanish member's home and they only speak spanish. I love that. I really feel like I am experiencing another culture (which I am) when I am there. I just wish that I could speak spanish and understand what is going on. I am slowly working on my skills. I really do love going to spanish member's homes.
This week felt sort of slow though. We had zone conference and that was awesome. We have two baptisms set for the 9th of February. That is really exciting. They both should go through. One of them is Charlotte who is an elderly woman and then there is Suzanne who is a teenager. It is cool to teach them. We just washed all of Charlotte's walls and blinds for her this past week. You could tell she was really appreciative of that. It is awesome to see her learn more and understand the Gospel. Being a missionary is great at these times. I love you all so much.
Oh, a funny but sad thing happened this weekend. Our ward mission leader has been wanting to go on splits with us and so he said he finally had a Saturday he could go with us.It was going to be called "Operation Infiltrate Salinas" and we were going to go with the spanish elders too, so there would now be four sets of people going out.  So he said he would find people to come with us and nothing but the apocalypse was going to stop this from happening. Well... the Apocalypse sort of happened  Our ward mission leader broke his foot and is on crutches and in a lot of pain. We couldn't believe it and it was absolutely crazy that this came up and we couldn't do it with him. Ah well, we got stuff worked out and we still saw some good people  I hope you guys are doing well. I love you so much.
Elder Adam Seelos

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