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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hey Family!
Things have been interesting this last week. So to begin, just a little after I emailed you, I had my debut(?) or first experience giving a hair cut. I cut Elder Annias' hair. It was pretty easy. His hair is pretty basic. But it looks shorter and good. I was pretty impressed with myself. I am sorry mom, but I could not really remember any haircutting tips you had given me. I just tried to make small cuts and then work from there. I just used a buzzer and the attachments. Someone had left them in the apartment, so we basically have a full haircutting set. This brings me to my next interesting thing. So there is a guy in the ward named Brother Robert Gross. He lives in a really small house alone with his many cats. It sort of reminds me of the mountain. Mainly just the smell and the clutter-ish of it all and all the small interesting things he has. It is a mess though. There is stuff all over. I am always telling him he should get on him cleaning his house up (we are good friends and I promise I am not being insensitive at all). Also I am always telling him I am willing to help him and I have helped him before. I told him about how growing up my mom had us play the game "tornado" or "hurricane" and we had to clean up super fast and then hide in our closets until the storm passes us. He laughed at that. I told him this on the same day that I cut Annias' hair and that I said I probably should get a haircut too. As we were walking away, he told me that if he cleaned up part of his house, then would I let him cut my hair. I don't trust him that much, since he is not really experienced, so we decided he could trim my sides up. I agreed because I knew that I cut my companion's hair just fine, so other people could trim my hair. Retrospect moment- BAD IDEA! Later that week I saw him and he said that he had cleaned up his counters and table and the whole time he cleaned up he was thinking about Seelos and his tornado story and also if Seelos could do it, he could do it. He was inspired by the tornado game, but I don't think he hid in his closet. So a deals a deal. I had him trim my hair. It was all good, except for one part. He did a major chop mark on my right side. He didn't even really say whoops in the moment, I saw it and he just laughed. I had to go to our dinner appointment right then though, so I left with a chopped hair mark. Then I went to dinner. The first thing I asked to mom was if she cut her boys hairs and she said she did. Her name is Sister Dillinder. Great family. I showed her my hair and she laughed a little and said she would try to help it. After dinner, she pulled out here buzzer and scissors and helped it. It really reminded me of mom again because she did it right in her kitchen and I could see mom doing that same thing. It was really funny. It just felt like mom. The only thing is that she made the sides of my hair really short and my top is still really long. And it wasn't the best haircut ever because it wasn't very even. I just feel like it is sort of a rockstar haircut. Long top and really short sides. I am grateful she did it, because it looks better, but it is still funny to see my hair. I just laugh when I see it. So, advice, be careful with who gives you a haircut!
The other thing about this week was zone conference. I don't think anyone in the zone can play the piano very well. I know one sister who can play a few hymns, but I played. So I played the opening and closing songs- "there is sunshine in my soul" and "I stand all amazed." I did ok, but I muffled through some of the parts. I had to play even though I can't play with my thumb and I am in a brace. It was super funny, but I am glad I could play the piano though. I will hopefully still play for them when needed and I don't get replaced because it was shabby. It was just another funny experience. And I had my funny haircut at zone meeting, so a lot of people got a good chuckle out of that. But the message of zone conference was great. Be obedient, work hard, use ward members and councils, and take the blame and give credit. I want to work hard, but I don't really know what to do sometimes, so I lose focus. I really want to do great. I loved our meeting.
Other good things that are happenning. We have a baptism date for Feb 2nd for Charolette. She has been cool to work with because when we first met her, her non-member son said good luck with trying to convert her because she is very catholic. From the moment we met her though, she has been pretty receptive to our message and it has been great for us. We do see that she has been prepared as we have talked to home teachers that have gone by (the non-member son married a member). The home teacher said that she hasn't really been open about hearing more, but for us she has been doing great. When she came to church, she said she was here to become one of you. It was pretty nice. There is still work to do. We may have lost Gus, but we have gotten another and more others. I would tell you more, but I am almost out of time. My ridiculous stories took too much time. I love you all. Please, pray and find out what is true and gain a testimony of this gospel. Read and pray. I know that having a testimony of our own is what will keep us strong and healthy in the Gospel. I look forward to the day that I get to talk to you all about the gospel. I can't wait for scripture study with you! Thanks for all you have been doing for me. Thanks for the letters.
Elder Adam Seelos

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