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California San Jose Mission

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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hey Family,
Happy New Year. My new year's eve was not really exciting. I went to bed at ten thirty like I always do. You gotta be obedient. That is just how a mission is. So, I guess you were told already, but I crashed on my bike this last wednesday. It was about 8 PM and we were riding down a hill and we had to avoid a fire hydrant, which I did, but I went off the sidewalk into the dirt by the sidewalk and when I came to get back on, the sidewalk was too high for my bike, and it made me tip over making me fall off my bike. I hit the top of my shoe, my right knee, I hit my left wrist pretty hard and my sholder hurt too. And, somehow I rolled instead of just skiddingg. It was pretty amazing and lucky. I didn't hit my head at all. I ended up about five feet away from my bike and on the side of the road. we did a quick body check, everything seemed to be ok, no tears really, and nothing too major it seemed like. I sucked it up and we rode the fifteen minutes home on my bike. My left wrist was really hurting and it felt like something was poped out. I just rode with one hand ofr th most part because it hurt. We rotated my wrist around, hoping something would pop back in (not the best idea I know now!) and we called our medial advisor and we got set up for the dotors the next day. Sadly, I took some ibuprophen that night and then in the morning to lessen any swelling. So I can't say I didn't take any medicine on my mission! It didn't swell really after the first day. We were at the doctors a lot the next two days. I didn't hve the proper insurance card, so that was difficult, but we got it worked out. I will get a cast on later today. Lucky me! It is so hard to do everything one handed. You don't realize how many buttons are on a white shirt until you have to do it all one handed! Elder Annias has been helpful when i have asked him to help me. It just takes a lot longer to get ready in the morning. This has mede me sort of frustrated and mad about my situation. I don't want to be broken, I want to be stong, but I guess the Lord has other plans for me. I am working through my difficulties and I am getting better. I will probably have it on for about six weeks.
Another cool thing is that our investigator Gus has decided to be baptized for sure. He has been up and dow with us. He is pretty involved with his baptist church and he likes it there. Then he is finding that we are good too. So he is liking us and then he doubts. H has scriptures that are making him doubt like things that say Christ's church will never fail, so why was there a need for a restoration. Stuff like that.We had a good talk with him last night. We brought our ward mission leader and since it was wet outside, we sat in our mission leaders tiny clown car for the lesson. That was funny, but it was a good spot. It was us just bearing testimony to him for a while. I didn't really say anything though which was weird. Our mission leader and Elder Annias just talked and talked. It was ok though. Our mision leader, Brother Robinson, put things pretty clear of find your answer and stick with it, or we will have to come back to you, meaning we would drop him for the time being. Later that night we got a text from Gus saying he wants to go for it and be baptized. That was cool. God answers our prayers. It was a good night.
I am glad I get to be on a mission. It is hard, it is challenging, it is disappointing, but it is worth it. It is great to have time to study the scriptures and learn from them and then help others learn too. I love that. Teaching is definately one of my favorite parts. Also, I have been thinking about how you get to the Celestial kingdom lately, and I read a part in moses. I think it is Moses 6:68 I think (it is in the bottom right of the right page in chapter 6). It says to "enjoy the words of eternal life." I love that. When we can find that we love the scriptures, when we love doing good all the time, and when we do love this gospel, we will be ready for eternal life in the celestial kingdom. That is what I really want. I want to be there with all of you so do everything you can to get there.
I love you all so much. Thanks for your support to me. I need it and use it.
Elder Adam Seelos

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